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A festa das colheitas

Espaço Florido

Sandra's Space


I'm not working, lately, as the bee i used to be, many things going on here including issues in my computer, and some breaks in my brain. I like to call it 'the time to think', something that makes part of the creation process. But i've been missing you all! :)

I have some fresh news, i decided to open a new etsy shop for the originals, I'll keep with fric_de_mentol's shop for the gocco prints and the new one has the same name as the blog:


Ema is an original illustration made with watercolors on handmade paper panel.
Sandra's Space is part of the latest Space project, it's special, it's a gift to a special Woman :)

'Espaço Florido' and 'A festa das colheitas' are two original illustrations made for Quasiloja shop in Oporto.

[apologies to the wonderful people that are waiting for my e-mails] :=

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PaTo said...

I like your blog. If you come to Buenos Aires, I'd like to meet you.