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Growing Smiles - watercolor illustration

Brian's Symphony - The Mandolin Player | gocco screenprint on Muji cahiers

Brian's Symponhy - The Mandolin Player | gocco screenprint

Bubble Girl - gocco screenprint on Moleskine cahier

Bubble Girl - gocco screenprint on wooden card

I've been looking for years for cards or postcards made of wood, of any size, to do some experiments like Gocco prints. Finally, i found them at:
http://www.nightowlpapergoods.com/ via http://indiefixx.com/ and i've already used them with my newest girl, Bubble Girl.
Unfortunately they are far away, in the USA, and i can't buy as much as i would like to, so i can do manyyyyyyyyy gocco prints as i wish. I really love these wooden cards!

Brian's Symphony is also a new work, born from an old project, ehehehe, which I've been preparing for almost a year. I wanted him to be perfect, since it is a tribute to my dear musician friend artist super cool person, with the most wonderful humour, from http://westernartglass.blogspot.com/ and http://westernartglass.etsy.com :))
It's an edition of 30 gocco prints on paper, 4 journals, 4 gocco and hand illustrated and i'll do some bags for underwear too.

Growing Smiles is my way to say Thank You to all the wonderful people who are always by my side, you have me too by yours !

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