Romantic Space

Wild Space

The Romance (detail)

Amora Menina

O bicho do Amo

Dance Space 

I'm still exploring the wonderful world of watercolors, www, ehehehe, doing romantic and colorful scenes with magic. I'm loving it :)


Mila said...

Ooh I'm so happy i found out you have a blog too!
I have been browsing through your Flickr for hours...
I am amazed by your work, really, it's all so special, interesting and original!
You are truly blessed with such a great talent!

I'd love to do a post on my blog about your work...
What do you think?
Is it okay if i use some of your photographs (and of course put the links of your Flickr, Etsy and blog also in the post!)??

I hope to hear from you soon!

Ooh and i am planning om buying one of your gorgeous items, but it's too hard to choose just one! (I think it will be one of the Moleskines...)

Have a great week!


fric_de_mentol said...

Dear Mila, and I'm so happy that you like my work! It's a enormous pleasure!

You can use any photo you want, if you need something just tell me :))

Thank you so much!

'fancypicnic' said...

Beautiful work, as always. Never a dull moment with your work!

Couldn't resist passing this on to you:

pimpampum said...

Já não vinha aqui há algum tempo, e que explosão de cor :)! Que bonitos novos trabalhos, adorei!