The New Artisans

Olivier Dupon from Dossier37 just came out with The New Artisans book, edited by Thames & Hudson!
It's the most delightful book with brilliant artists and magnificent artwork's in several kinds of mediums, techniques and categories.
It's really the most wonderful book of design combined with old traditions and arts I've seen. Gathering artists from all over the world, filled with colorful photos with plenty of action and energy that allows us to feel the pieces and to imagine all the alchemy and the magic corner that is an artist's space.
A book of non pretentious - honest artists who get their hands dirty in what they do with love! 

Portugal includes 3 artists that I already knew and love. I have some Serrote journals and I'm a huge fan of Vera João Espinha for ages and her nature inspired brooches & accessories. The other artist it's me:

 Fric de Mentol 

 Vera João Espinha


Amongst some more known artists that I adore: Bailey Doesn't Bark, Ninainvorm  Ann Wood  and depeapa

and some more genius of the handmade:

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