happy somersaulting

Prehensile Beard pack

Knit Knit Jornalito

Knit Knit is the recent jornalito (handmade journal). It has soft pink pages and a first silver one with a vintage look label on.
The Prehensile boy/beard has now a special and fun spot! I've created a special pack with journal and customized pencil on a hand screenprinted cotton bag with the same design.
The pencils are very special and elegant, at least for me, they are customized in the only Portuguese fabric of pencils - Viarco - which is producing pencils since 1936.

The good news of the week: I received my exemplar of The New Artisans, a fantastic delightful book where my work is featured and I'll write and post about it very soon.

In the meantime have a wonderful weekend, I'll be on a colorful place during the weekend participating on a craft fair .

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