My computer has survived to the treatment, it's like having a new one after the cleaning.
Many things came up at the same time, usually the less good things, so, after the PC, Mini Mirtillo made a surgery. An ugly thing appeared in one tit and it had to be removed. So, she lost part of herself in favor of a bigger life expectancy.
She's fine, doing great in her recovery and now I'm like a full time nurse. Giving her all my love and care, doing my best to see her running again, very soon.

Celebration Space | original illustration

Infected Space | original illustration

In the meantime, some new Spaces were added to the colection [http://www.flickr.com/photos/fric_de_mentol/sets/72157619011315871/]
Have a great weekend, mostly with shining sun :)

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Huismus said...

Oh, Mini Mirtillo must feel better real soon, you take such good care of her! Poor thing, with that funny hat on..

Love the new prints. In fact, I like all your work, but I think I've made myself clear about that before, ha!