There's a Sun outside :D

Ugly Face VII mixed media (hand embroidered)

The latest Ugly Face, ugly but beautiful and expressive women!

The Giveaway II

First of all, i have decided to choose 2 winners instead of one, it was a surprise!
I gave a number to each comment for their order and my assistant (eheheh) has taken 2 little papers.

So, the first one will get Amelia nº 2 and the other winner will get a surprise!

The numbers are:



queenoftheclick, send me your address please :)

Stay tuned because I'll do another giveaway very soon!


miriam said...

ahhhh :D foi quase, caraças! :p
eu era o 2!! :D
fica bem entregue.

andrealynn said...

The new winners will just as happy as I am! :D

fric_de_mentol said...

well, it seems that winners dont want the gift :O

please, i need your addresses :)

Anonymous said...

...oh, oh, oh, I've just seen this great news and I'm sooooooo happy: I'll write you immediately, querida,don't worry!! ;o))***

fric_de_mentol said...

ehehehe :) I think i have your address but i need to confirm it :))**