happy weekend

Let's Play illustration

The Gymnastics illustration

Mother and Son at the Park illustration

I know the weather is not very good now, for those who love sunny days but i still want to wish you a wonderful and happy weekend with some outside and healthy illustration scenes!


miriam said...

:D para ti também ;) embora já tenha acabado!!!

fric_de_mentol said...

acabou mas eu vou-me instalar no sofá a ver filmes e a comer gelado :DDD

já chega... não tenho feito outra coisa a não ser 'bonecos, e tenho uma caixa de e-mails a responder (estás incluida)ehehehe e mais muitas coisas atrasadas, é uma vergonha, ehehehe


kim said...

it's snowing right now in hartland wisconsin, USA, so these pictures really make me feel a lot sunnier. thank you for the reminder that summer in such a lovely and funfilled way.

kim said...

oops it should be, "reminder OF summer", typos caused by clouded snowy vision. :)