Egg Mood

Song with a bird | original mixed media illustration (hand embroidered)

Song is a dreamy girl who has a bird as a friend!

Spring | handmade backpack | hand printed fabric with gocco

Antonia | original mixed media illustration (hand embroidered)

Antonia is a rebellious girl who runs after of her star in socks!

Happy Feeling | watercolor sketch

As some people know my last weeks were terrible for me, i was down, not strong enough and i felt like i was falling into a hole, depressed and frustrated. I even thought to give up of my artistic life.
It was time of reflection either, I could understand how important are that feelings, however they are bad or not and I also learn with them. I felt many new things and i could found lots of love too in some magnificent people i crossed with. Thanks to those who shared their love with me, I'm feeling strong, with more energy! - Happy Feeling - to you :)

So, i didn't stop and I've been very busy, more than ever and keeping my embroidery project alive.
New girls are finished, lots of journals are being sketched, the new handmade backpack is
done and I'm back with the gocco screen print promotion in my etsy shop. These are difficult times for everybody so it's a way to help each other! If you buy 3 you'll get another one for free, you can keep it or give it to a friend! Spring promotion on :D

oh! ... and, please, don't forget ------> Earth Hour, you can check the website with all the information about it: http://www.earthhour.org/
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