Monsieur Dedito and weird things

Monsieur Dedito :D

Dedito n0. 14

Dedito n0. 3

Dedito n0. 13 , Dedito n0. 4

Gocco Print - A rapariga Pote


For the very first time this post will be written in English. There are some reasons, i can improve and practice this language and because i was tagged by benconservato to share 7 random or weird facts about myself.

I've been making new Polymer Clay brooches Deditos, a new series completely different from the Mentolitus. I call them Deditos, something like 'little fingers' because they are inspired in my own fingers when i cut myself working and i paint them with Betadine, making weird faces on it.
I also made a new gocco print, 'A rapariga pote', using two screens, inspired in my balloons | layers illustrated girls.
The prints are very colorful and protected with a cello bag and they are available at my etsy shop.

Now i'll talk about some of my weird things (yes, they are too many) ~~~~

1- I like to sleep with my face all covered and the most far away from the bedroom door

2- I eat cold chocolate, after it comes from the fridge but i wash my tooth with hot water :s

3- when i go at someone's house i prefer sitting on the floor, maybe because i'm not very tall ah ah

4- i'm a little messy

5- when i like a song too much i could listen to it about 10 consecutive times

6- i'm losing some capabilities of oral communication, i express myself by drawings

7- I have great enthusiasm for people's portraits

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maria antunes said...

aiaiai... vou escrever no design ao litro, pode ser?

Gosto dos teus deditos. :)

fric_de_mentol said...

pode pois! eu é que não sabia qual deles .... ehehehe itos **

miriam said...

já está!
e agora 7 outros desgraçados vão ter que fazer o mesmo :D

fric_de_mentol said...

tinhas que a gramar! :s

na verdade não tenho assim tantos contactos blogosféricos :P

carolina said...

oi anita mentolita! (:
temos mais algo em comum: dormir com a cabeça coberta! hehehe
beijos aqui do brasil. ^^