native trees & the new portuguese law

trees to restore the fields

With the new law recently approved by the portuguese -corrupt- government, having these native trees makes me look like a criminal, having to report and request authorization. On the other hand, to plant exotic and in some cases invasive trees do not require any authorization. It's the absolute opposite of what they should be doing, it's profit over people again and again. In a few years, we will become more consumers than producers, which serves the purposes of the ruling corporations, since the reduced biodiversity of such exotic landscapes only leads to the road of depletion. Consumers of what? Everything, except for eucalyptus paper pulp. We'll eat paper like goats when they have nothing more. Depletion of the natural resources is the ultimate goal of all the economic lobbies that pull the strings of our puppet decision makers, because their hunger has no limits. It's business as usual, rain forests in Brazil or mediterranean forests, it doesn't matter, the few beneficiaries will continue the destruction, with the help of the locals. Just as in Africa, the poorest will see it has a way to put food on the table, acting and thinking in short terms like the ones in power, but unlike the fortunate ones, they have a good explanation, they're dying. Well, there are people dying of many needs, some are dying to have the latest I-poop, others are dying for a meal.
This is too serious and I'm sad. If I need to be an 'ecological terrorist' 'Let it Be' - let's bomb with native seeds!
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