bright season

work in progress

I'm working in a several women portraits (women for now, I'll probably include some men also), in a fusion with the traditional Portuguese tiles.
This work is like an extension of a series I made when I was in university:
They are now smaller and the tiles are not made by spray but painted with acrylics.

[during the holiday season these girls are available in a special pack, you save $ purchasing the 3]

[during the holiday season these trees are also available in a special pack, you save $ purchasing the 3]

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have a wonderful Sunday :)


gretchenmist said...

these are looking gorgeous. LOVE the background detail.

ana carina said...

Ooohhh lindos! Gostava tanto de um com a minha pessoa... haverás de fazer custom orders? ;)

Setty Lepida said...

I love the trees line. So inspiring :) perfect for a wall and small frames !!!

Eves Studio said...

I love the portrait series...the tile patterning in the backgound.....it reminds me of when i lived in Rome...all the mosaics ....i even have a little snipet of sketches i did of the floor tiles in churches i vistited!!! Keep them coming!!!!

paulita mulher metálica said...

gostei muito dos retratos com o fundo em azulejos! muito fixe! parabéns!!