still ugly

Ugly Face XVI | mixed media, hand stitched (scanned image)

Ugly Face XV, de Barcelos | mixed media, hand stitched

Ugly Face XIV | mixed media, hand stitched

These are the last ladies I've been working on - Ugly Face -
Introducing something new to the hand embroidered women, doing collages of pieces of my gocco screen printing tests. I like it so much, it gains a 3D effect and also I'm reusing the tons of paper I have in my studio.

[for those who are in Portugal, you can find the Ugly Face XV in Quasiloja Gallery, Oporto.
The other two are in my etsy shop for now]


lauren carney said...

oh oh oh!
Your blog, is rather splendid!
Thank-you for playing show and tell with all your pretty thoughts and pictures!

x x x

Penelope said...

not ugly face, pretty prints.

fric_de_mentol said...

Thank you so much Lauren and Penelope!

but, Penelope, these are not prints. They are original pieces, mixed media (collage, embroidered, illustrated) :)