blue & silver mood, small twigs with small feet

Small Feet Man is hiding behind the bush | gocco print

Don't want no Small Feet Men | gocco on navy blue Moleskine

I couldn't resist to a fusion between Don't Want no Small Feet Men and my latest graphic work! :)
Small Feet Man is shy and he likes to walk with his dog in the woods, behind the bushes.
It's a very small limited edition of 10.

And new Moleskine journals are available at my etsy shop on navy blue color.

natural wire | gocco print

natural wire | gocco print

making of ... gocco screen-printing

twig in the wind and natural wire...

...they connect to each other as they embrace the sweets drops that fall asleep in their arms...

Natural Wire keeps exploring my latest work 'twig in the wind', trying to do a balanced movement composition with graphic representation of pieces of nature.
Its a small edition of 40, printed in turquoise&silver, on a professional cold pressed watercolor paper 200g (90 lbs).
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