c e l e b r a t i n g

Today I have many reasons to celebrate and share happiness!

I received the most precious pouch for my brushes from Rikkianne .

For those of you that don't know her, she is the fabulous designer and creative from Chakra Pennywhistle , who made the coolest wallets and pillows with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and money bags. Yeah! With working money bags and i love them so much, I'm a lucky one, my pouch is made of one, even says 'mint' (mentol). I can feel a story behind this bag, the life it had in the past and the new one with me and brushes!

I'm sure, every time i use one I'll smile :)

Many Thanks, Rikkiane, for making a treasure for me!

Ugly Face - WIP

Ugly Face project has been a success, they are all sold, but i'm already dressing with thread a new expressive woman!

2018 Thanks!

Another reason to celebrate is that i crossed the second millennium of hearts at my etsy shop!
Many thanks to all that enjoy my work, also thanks to all the blogs or websites that mention it, to my precious customers and to my web friends all over the world!
You are all my energy, my inspiration! Without you fric_de_mentol wouldn't exist.
Hooray! :D

At last but not the least, the winners of the last giveway. Yes, i like pairs, so I'll give a surprise for the second number.
Like the last one, I gave a number to each comment for their order and my dear husband assistant has taken 2 little papers.

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