must go back to work

Super Egg Girl | original mixed media

Kiss Me, Baby! | watercolor & graphite

Sisters | watercolor & graphite

Generations | watercolor & graphite

Sisters featured on Modish blog

Sisters were featured by Modish blog, who made me very happy all weekend! Sincerely was the better feedback i could get about this new watercolor illustration! Thank you so much, i wish you a Happy Week! :)

As always, I'm very busy, my friends are already claiming 'oh you are addicted to ink', 'you need to go out' , eheheh. Maybe true, but in fact I'm enjoying a lot to play with the ink, and working at several projects at the same time. I'm doing more embroidery illustrations, watercolor illustrations, screenprinting fabrics and new Deditos are coming soon.

Must go back to work :)
Have a wonderful week!

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