Equilibrating myself

Garden Girl | original illustration

Miss Chilly Pepper | gocco screen print on large Moleskine

working&working&sketching&working, i do not do anything else, am I going crazy?

Yes, Portugal is a peculiar country, since i have more visitors outside Portugal I'll try to just post in English! Fair enough!

I'm working hard, the weekends look like the rest of the week and so on... sometimes i think i should calm down but economical crises are everywhere, knock knock. I must confess that it makes me laugh (ironic) , Portugal is in crises since i know myself! :=
So, speaking about work, I'm doing some original illustrations. Usually my draws stay forever in sketchbooks, but this time it will be different! No, I'll not try to sell my entire sketchbooks, eheheh!

Garden Girl is an original illustration, mixing watercolor and many kinds of markers, available at my etsy shop, next to the last promotion in did on Gocco screen prints, Yeah! I'm celebrating one year of selling in etsy so i decided to keep up the promotion for some days.

The last photo shows one of my improvised working tables, where i am surrounded by good company. here you can see the notes and the ugly towel, ehehehe!

Have a great week and try to equilibrate yourself! :)


The Fab Miss B said...

I love Miss Chilly Pepper!

helena zália said...

não vou comentar em inglês :)) Adoro a tua ilustração e ... bem, a tua fotografia é fabulosa, só me faz rir!